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'US air' strikes kill seven 'Qaeda militants' in Yemen

Sanaa - air attacks the United States back killing militants of Al Qaeda in Yemen. This time seven suspected al Qaeda militants killed in U.S. air strikes in southern Yemen.

"Three attacks, apparently by Americans, who waged contrary to the locations controlled by Al Qaeda militants in Azzan, one of the bulwarks with the group, killing seven folks, which includes Egyptians, Ibrahim al-Banna'a," mentioned a Yemeni official told AFP , Saturday (10/15/2011).

In accordance with Yemen's Defense Ministry, Banna'a a team of media leaders of Al Qaeda inside the Arabian Peninsula. The guy is one of the most dangerous al Qaeda leader in Yemen.

It stated Yemeni officials who do not wish to be named, one attack using a mosque near the target of attack. A number of suspected militants were also wounded within the attack and was rushed to hospital Azzan, which is under the power over militants.

Yemen's Defense Ministry confirmed the deaths of 7 folks. But asserted that air strikes within the province of Shabwa was conducted by Yemeni forces.

The attack reportedly also killed Anwar al-Awlaqi Abderrahman, son of US-born radical cleric, Anwar al-Awlaqi who had previously been killed in Yemen brought on by U.S. drone attacks on 20 September. U.S. President Barack Obama when it is called the death of vital figures of Al Qaeda within the Arabian Peninsula as a key blow to Al Qaeda networks all over the world.
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