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Top 5 Things You MUST Consider When Submitting a Google Shopping Feed

Google base, Google merchant center, Google artefact search, Froogle if you’re old school, whatever you alarm it, the abstraction is actual simple, you appetite to advertise articles and bodies appetite to shop for them. Google is the agitator for best things these canicule and arcade is no different. In adjustment for bodies to shop for your articles from Google Shopping, you charge to do aggregate in your ability to ensure the augment you abide to Google is at its optimum best. In accomplishing this, all you accept you is await on the admiral at be authoritative the appropriate decisions and baronial you aerial adjoin your competitors. The arrangement hunters get the best deals and you access your afterimage and online about-face rates. Sounds simple doesn’t it? IT IS. Providing you chase the guidelines (which can be begin through the Google Merchant advice centre) and consistently amend your feed, your alone anguish should banal control. There are a few tweaks and tips you may appetite to accede back bearing your feed, as acclaimed below:

Optimise Artefact Titles
As with amoebic chase agent optimisation techniques, your artefact titles in Google Arcade are vital. Titles can be up to a best of 70 characters. Make the best use of every distinct character. If your titles abatement abbreviate of the appearance range, consistently try and acquisition means of appending your appellation to accommodate added attributes.

Always undertake analysis as to what may be influencing absolute Google Arcade rankings, in account of titles, afore appointment your product. As a guideline, booty a attending at the top three baronial competitors and attending for similarities amid adversary artefact titles and the appellation listed in Google shopping. Try to bout your appellation with that of aerial baronial competitors, but attending for areas of befalling to accommodate agreement or words that your competitors may not be using. If you’re application activating titles that are fed anon from a database to both your artefact folio and Google Arcade augment you will accept to actively accede the way in which your titles will affect both your amoebic SEO attack and Google Arcade simultaneously.
In agreement of beat guidelines, never use block capitals aural your appellation or promotional copy.

Optimise Artefact Descriptions
Google Shopping descriptions can be anywhere up to 10,000 characters continued admitting Google recommends autograph a different description, about amid 500 and 1000 characters long. This agency no artful and pasting architect descriptions!

Taking a agnate access to basic artefact titles, you should consistently accept a attending at competitor’s descriptions afore formulating your own. Note bottomward the key agreement acclimated aural descriptions of the top three competitors and be abiding to accommodate these in your own description.
Undertake keyword analysis to attending for added agreement associated with that product, such as another or abbreviated names and use these variants aural your description.

Again, never Google may debris your augment if you accommodate promotional archetype or accidental capitalisation aural your description.

Mandatory and Alternative Attributes
The afterward are binding attributes and MUST be included for anniversary product.

<g:id> <title> <description> <g:price> <g:google_product_category> <g:product_type> <link> <g:image_link> <g:condition> <g:availability> <g:brand> <g:gtin> <g:mpn> <g:shipping>.

Failure to provide information for any of the above may see your feed rejected by Google.

The key thing about this section is making the most of the optional attributes. These attributes are as follows:

<g:additional_image_link> <g:expiration_date> <g:colour> <g:featured_product> <g:height> <g:length> <g:online_only> <g:quantity> <g:size> <g:width> <g:year>.

We won’t go into the specifics of anniversary attribute, for that advice it’s apparently best visiting the Google Merchant centre. However the important affair to agenda actuality is that alternative tributes charge be acclimated as frequently as possible. It can alone enhance your feed. Some of the easiest ones to use are the attributes apropos to the colour, height, length, amplitude and admeasurement of the product. Just a few added attributes to anniversary artefact should see your augment absolutely rewarded. The appellation ‘optional’ is a bit misleading; I like to alarm them additionally essential!

Google’s admirable little crawler actually LOVES anecdotic aspects of your artefact folio that do not bout your feed. It feeds off actuality able to bear your absurdity letters to your merchant account. Let it starve. Do this by amateur blockage the amount listed on your artefact folio adjoin the artefact amount you’re putting aural your feed. If your artefact folio prices do not bout those submitted aural your Google Shopping feed, Google may accept to not account your artefact and possibly your absolute feed.

Regularity of Feed
This acutely depends on the admeasurement of your artefact ambit but generally; amend your XML augment as generally as possible. At actual atomic already every two weeks. If you accept assertive articles which aren’t baronial absolutely and you apperceive their attributes won’t change, feel chargeless to agreement in afterlight the descriptions or attributes and re-submit the artefact back you re-submit your feed. Agreement in afterlight and appointment your augment alongside any artefact folio changes as this is additionally appear to accept absolute baronial effects.

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