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This is the Miscellaneous Fee Necessary New7Wonders of Maldives

Jakarta - New7Wonders competition at threat of losing 1 in the finalists. Government of Maldives thought we would withdraw within the competition grounds keep on being called for money because of the committee New7Wonders. Maldives revealed New7Wonders innumerable U.S. dollars demanded cash.

As quoted in the official site of tourism government of Maldives,, Thursday (10/20/2011). Here are a few points which repeatedly requested by its committee to the government of Maldives New7Wonders:

1. Platinum Sponsor with a license fee of U.S. $ 350 thousand, or roughly USD 3 billion
2. Two license fee gold sponsor respectively of U.S. $ 210 thousand, or roughly USD 1.8 billion
3. Sponsors of your event 'World Tour' in which the Government should really spend money on the Maldives delegation to visit the region, delivering hot air balloon rides, trips for journalists, flight, accommodation, communication and other expenses.
4. License fee to obtain a national telecommunications provider to campaign inside the New7Wonders of U.S. One million dollars or approximately USD 8.8 billion. But that figure dropped following the negotiated finish to U.S. Five hundred dollars thousand or approximately USD four.four billion
5. Licensing fees for flights Maldives which can display the emblem about the aircraft of U.S. $ 1 million or roughly USD 8.8 billion

Government of Maldives heal . Maldives Advertising and PR Corporation (MMPRC) indirect necessarily withdraw out of your competition. MMPRC had repeatedly asked the organizers if you will discover ways to keep the Maldives to compete without pay this amount.

But according MMPRC, the committee expressed the Maldives can take a committee delegation pay a visit to New7Wonders of protocol. In this position doesn't mean the Maldives no cost of cost, local governments nonetheless need to invest to pay extra for transportation and accommodation.

"You truly need a sponsor to participate in completely in the check out of Globe Tour events," the govt . of Maldives quoted New7Wonders organizers.

Finally, after discussions with tourism market stakeholders, the us govenment of Maldives decided they would withdraw from competition right away.

"With regret, we withdrew from competition due to unforeseen demands over the amount of cash requested from New7Wonders organizers," stated Thoyyib Mohamed, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture in, Thursday (10/20/2011).
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