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Fact: The Dangers of staying up

Weird News - The doctors at the National Taiwan Hospital recently shocked the medical world considering that the invention in the case of an 37-year-old young doctor who may have been really trusting the results of liver function tests (GOT, GPT),

However it was the eve of Lunar New Year Holidays(Imlek) positively identified to be affected by liver cancer during the 10 cm! In the course of this time around virtually everybody relied heavily about the index liver function tests (Liver Function Index).

They believe if your index examination showed a regular result indicates all OK. Misunderstandings in this type has also been performed by many specialists. Really surprising, the physicians are supposed to present the best information in the general population, ended up to have incorrect understanding.

Protection against liver cancer need to be carried out the proper way. There's not one other way except to detect and treat it since feasible, and so the physician stated Hsu Chin Chuan. But ironically, as it happens physicians who handle liver cancer also could possess the wrong view, even misleading everyone, this is why the greatest cause of liver cancer is difficult to cure.

The main factors that cause liver damage are:
1. Sleeping too far gone and waking up far too late are by far the most significant cause of

2. Do not pee inside the morning

3. Irregular eating patterns

4. No breakfast

5. Too much usage of drugs

6. Consume too several preservatives, additives, dyes, sugar substitutes

7. Cooking oil is not healthy! In terms of achievable minimize cooking oil use when frying foods this consists of even the ideal cooking oils like coconut oil.
Do not consume fried foods once you are tired, except the physique is extremely fit

8. Consuming raw food (incredibly ripe) also add towards the burden of liver. Veggies need to be eaten raw or cooked three / 5 parts. Fried veggies ought to be eaten immediately, do not be stored

We need to do prevention with no further expense. Simply set the way of life and day-to-day food. Maintaining excellent consuming habits and time condition is necessary, so our systems is capable of doing the absorption and disposal of substances that are not valuable relating using the schedule.

Nighttime hours of 9:00 p.m. to 23:00:
Disposal of those substances is not helpful / toxic (detoxification) in the antibody system (lymph nodes). Throughout this time around should be spent by relaxing or hearing music.

If back then a housewife is nonetheless in the unrelaxed state for instance washing dishes or watching young children find out, this will possess a negative affect on wellness.
Nighttime hours of 11:00 p.m. to at least one:00 a.m.: At detoxification process in the liver, ought to take location in conditions of deep sleep

Early morning hours 1:00 to 03:00: detoxification process inside the gall, and a deep sleep state
Morning hours hours 3:00 a.m. to 05:00:
De-toxin within the lungs. Since it's going to become a severe cough for cough sufferers through this time. Simply because the method of cleansing (detoxification) had reached the respiratory system, so no should take cough medicine so they won't impede the approach of sewage
Pk morning five:00 to 07:00: De-toxin inside the colon, you need to pee inside the toilet.

Morning at 7:00 to 09:00:Once the absorption of nutrients inside the small intestine, need to eat breakfast. For people who are ill should eat far more within the morning ie just before at 6:30. Breakfast prior to 7:30 am pretty superior for those who choose to preserve their well being.

For people who do not eat breakfast aspire to change this habit, even superior nonetheless eat breakfast late until 9-10 hours nothing at all eating in any respect.

Sleeping past too far and waking up already happening will disrupt the process of disposal of these substances isn't useful.

In addition, from midnight to four:00 inside the morning will be the time with the bone marrow to produce blood.

Consequently, sleep properly and do not stay up! Takes place time for adequate rest ...
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