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‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Sasha Pieterse: Halloween episode will feature ‘big revelation’

With Pretty Little Liars on midseason hiatus till its wife or husband premieres in January, fans are seeking some thing - anything - to whet their appetites. According to Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison about the ABC Family members show, tonight’s Halloween prequel episode will not disappoint. “You’re probably going to be blown away,” Pieterse promised in an interview with EW. What else did she spill concerning the Liars?

The episode, that can take location yearly just before Alison went missing from Rosewood, is referred to as “The Very first Secret,” said Pieterse. “There are plenty of 1st secrets from this episode,” she teased. “It’s the perfect opportunity warp - all the within towards the beginning of the girls’ friendship as well as the beginning of her first encounters with your ex-girlfriend enemies.” Pieterse said the standalone ep will lay the groundwork for “a significant revelation… that your girls will soon uncover out.” Unlike other episodes, who have only shown Alison within the Liars‘ point-of-view, this episode is entirely with the queen bee’s perspective. “You’re certainly going to be visiting a distinctive side of Alison,” she added. “There’s a whole lot that’s untold about her… [including] what she did when nobody was looking.”

Alternatives show’s constant barrage of cliffhangers, Pieterse assured, “You’ll acquire some answers.” She noted, “It’s type of crazy mainly because Alison knew everyone’s secrets, but nobody knew hers.” Using the prequel, “you view some of her secrets, therefore ties every thing together.” Needless to say, that’s not saying the answers don’t will comw with with additional questions: “There are a lot more suspects that arise also which you wouldn’t be so sure of should you didn’t look at Halloween episode.”

In January, the negative impacts with the episode, are going to be felt, she added. “The viewers know each one of these factors that have happened, but the girls don’t, and it is intriguing to find out operate all ties together,” Pieterse teased. The repercussions will keep the history moving through the spring mainly because “There’s a lot the girls do not know.” Therefore appears they’re in a growing crowd. “The [producers] maintain us guessing as well,” Pieterse laughed. “I’ve unquestionably gained some more theories within the last few episodes, so you guys have a lot to appear forward to!”
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