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Obama: India Is Not Your Enemies

WASHINGTON - President of america (U.S.), Obama invites Pakistan never to view India as being a nemesis. Obama also underscored the attitude of Pakistan in addressing the relations between India and Afghanistan.

"They (Pakistan) considers its security is threatened because from the attitude of Afghanistan who seemed close to India. Pakistan is still considers India as his nemesis," Obama said, as quoted by India Instances, Friday (10/07/2011).

Obama's words also appear after the accusations launched using a U.S. military officer Admiral Mike Mullen is against Pakistan. Mullen blamed Pakistan finance Haqqani militants in a attack the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan.

Pakistan also throws criticism more than U.S. allegations. Pakistan insisted his country was fighting the militants due to the fact the very first.

Proximity to Afghanistan and India's one thing to threaten Pakistan. Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has even stated, India attempting to indoctrinate Afghanistan to grow to be a situation anti-Pakistan.

Currently, the Indian military coaching center along with the members of the Afghan intelligence. They reportedly also had an additional job opening.
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