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Newton follows Panthers coach's script, gives TD ball to kid

It includes grow to be a frequent scene nowadays with the Carolina Panthers.

Rookie quarterback Cam Newton struts his way into the end zone, pauses for just a second and then pretends to scam his jersey to show a figurative "S" hidden beneath his uniform. It's Newton's signature move, in which the Charlotte Observer calls it the "Clark Kent Becomes Superman" routine.

But following he scored a third-quarter touchdown in Sunday's 33-20 victory more than the Washington Redskins, Newton slightly altered his go-to celebration.

Newton nonetheless played Superman, playing with a different fashion. After he created his transformation, Newton spotted a young fan inside the Bank of America Stadium crowd and gave the boy the ball.

But, as being the Observer later revealed, the charitable donation wasn't Newton's notion. There is some public-relations spin involved.

"Each and every single week, my quarterback coach, Coach (Mike) Shula, usually references studying how to celebrate," Newton said immediately after the video game. "He says if you celebrate, it's not much of a celebration should you not post you. According to him, 'You do everything riff raff, anything you do, but at the finish, allowing that football to a little kid. You locate slightly kid.'

"So soon after I did so whatever Used to do, I heard somebody inside my (helmet) headset saying, 'Give it to somewhat kid! Create it for a bit kid!' I looked, high was this kid just gleaming from ear to ear, which means that I gave it to him."
An end encounter originating from a genuine superhero along with a souvenir? Not a lot more a baby could want.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera stated Monday that he appreciated Newton's following instructions.

"We're attempting to develop who we're being a football team, and at the same time, we're trying to get our fans to understand and comprehend that this can be a football team that desires to present back," Rivera said. "We appreciate the assistance, we have to have additional assistance and we want to experience extra fans within the stands. We would like them to understand we're going to produce a product, we're going to play as difficult as we can, allow them to have every thing we are able to and that we hope they appreciate them. ...

"I saw the clip last week on the news, plus the look on that young man's face, it absolutely was tremendous. I think that speaks volumes about Cam and who he's, but hopefully it speaks volumes about who we are as being a football team."
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