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Net palace of Jogjakarta degree Rehearsals Wedding Carnival

Yogyakarta - Following pick-up rehearsal the bridegroom prior to your wedding reception procession to follow along with, the committee this morning to employ the procession procession in the palace Keben Regol Ngayogyakarto toward Kepatihan.

Kepatihan that is the Governor's Office complex is the place the marriage reception are going to be held on Tuesday (18/10) at 19:00 till 22:00 pm.

Prior to the rehearsal begins at 14:30 pm, the carnival committee to prepare a five-carriage train that's within the Museum on Jl Rotowijayan. To blame for the procession, led directly Yudhaningrat GBPH rehearsal preparation.

Five on the train which used different kirban with 3 trains used these days to choose inside the groom. The 5 pieces the chariot is Kyai Roto Ijem, Kyai Jongwiyat, Kyai Roto Blue, Kyai and Kyai Permili Cemeng Kus.

Kyai Jongwiyat train which are going to be drawn by four horses sais Lurah Rotodiwiryo Mas. The train can be to be utilised bridal GKR Yudanegara Bendara and KPH.

Roto Ijem train in front of the bride will ride the train envoy of Sultan who headed towards Kepatihan carnival procession. Kyai Roto Blue (Landower Surabaya) for relatives /-laws. Kus train Cemeng for relatives of your Sultan. Kyai Permili train to transport the dancers Bedaya. Whilst 14 dancers Lawung Ageng will mount a horse.

Jongwiyat Kyai and Kyai Permili be drawn four horses. Though other horse-drawn carriage drawn only two horses.

After preparation is total from your museum, five trains had been brought to the North to Alun Alun horses that pull the train may change. Furthermore, the group gathered subsequent to the palace complicated Regol Keben. Using the royal entourage of soldiers escorted the procession walked toward Kepatihan.
The path for being extracted from past Keben Rotowijayan Jl, Jl Pekapalan Kauman front on the mosque, the gates Pangurakan or jl Trikora, the intersection of 4 Central Post Workplace, Jl Ahmad Yani Street north until Malioboro. Kepatihan carnival troupe entered through top door.
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