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Microsoft: Android Tough Applied

Microsoft's Windows Telephone OS would assume may be the finest amongst all platforms. Their critique on the Android operating system that's regarded as too hard to utilize.

It said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Speaking in the event Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Ballmer judge people today have to be a pc professional to utilize Android. In contrast to the Windows Telephone is uncomplicated to use.

"The biggest advantage we've as an alternative to Android is the fact that you don't need to be a laptop or computer scientist to make use of Windows Telephone. It's hard to be thinking about Android phones," stated the bald-headed man is.

The rise of affordable Android telephone makes Ballmer Windows Telephone should really also appraise the expense of manufacture in an effort to suppress competitive. "Mobile phones could be the cheapest Android and we'll have to lower the price of creating our handsets," he added.

About Apple, Ballmer assess them is a great competitor. Quoted from the Telegraph, Wednesday (10/19/2011), he praised the iPhone 4S Siri characteristics which will are a personal assistant. But needless to say, he judge still superior Windows Telephone.

"Both the iPhone and Windows Telephone feels comfy inside the hand so they each look beneficial. But after you use Windows Phone, the info you'll need is centralized therefore you don't need to have to discover a lot of icons," he concluded.
Not necessarily these times Microsoft officials criticized his rivals. Previously, the boss also assume Windows Phone Android into chaotic phase.
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