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Libya Announces NATO Mission Ends October 31

Tripoli - Muammar Gaddafi's regime has fallen. NATO also these days officially announced to end the mission in Libya on October 31.

A Western diplomat who declined to generally be named, stated as quoted by AFP on Friday (10.28.2011), the NATO ambassadors meeting in Brussels, Belgium, agreed unanimously to terminate the NATO mission, named OUP (Operation Unified Protector) on October 31.

This official's decision came each day after the UN Security Council accepted terminate the mandate that permits military action in Libya, starting from October 31 at 23:59 nearby time to come.

Throughout the mission that lasted 7 months in Libya, NATO warplanes have launched much more than 26,000 air strikes and bombardments of almost six thousand targets.

Earlier, the head of the new ruler of Libya, the National Transition Council (NTC) has asked NATO to supply their mission that was going on due to the fact March. The reason, the inclusion of NATO masihdiperlukan to make sure the protection of Libya through the remnants of forces supporting Gaddafi.
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