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Infants birth to 7 Billion, United Nations Secretary Common Dizziness

New York - the initial baby born on Monday (31/10) tomorrow is anticipated to come to be human-to-7 billion that meets Earth. Quite a few countries took it, however it is not using the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. He was dizzy with increasing dilemma in human populations.
Reported by AFP from Time magazine on Sunday (10/30/2011) numerous countries held a special event to welcome the birth in the inhabitants of Earth to-7 billion. In Zambia there are actually race-themed song 7 billion, in Vietnam you'll find concerts 7B: Counting On One another.

The Russian government developed a particular gift to the baby to-7 billion. Meanwhile, Ivory Coast held a comedy show. But UN Secretary Common Ban Ki-Moon even morose.

"Whoever comes into the world, he will likely be born in the globe of contradictions. Lots of food, but huge amounts of people today starving. Many are living in luxury, but still a good deal that life does not prosper," Ban told Time.

The birth of your baby on Monday will be a kind of manifestation of emergency lights. The UN noted, all 6 billion babies have been born on October 12, 1999 in Bosnia named Adnan Mevic. In exactly 12 years, Earth's population elevated 1 billion people.

UN Secretary General at the time, Kofi Annan, was a student in a hospital in Sarajevo during Mevic born. What occurred to keluarg Mevic now really sad. The family lived in poverty.

"It's not about numbers, it is about humans. There are 7 billion individuals who need sufficient food, energy, employment and education. Human rights and freedom, to chat out, to address their youngsters in peace and security," stated Ban Ki-moon to be concerned .

United Nations records, existing conditions, two babies are born each second. Also the UN predicts India will beat China in population by 2025 with 1.5 billion population figure.

The United Nations population report UNFPA, the world will face the issue of employment for young men and women, famine and drought, but will most crowded cities like Tokyo population, Japan may have a population of 36.7 million people today. Regardless of whether so, 1 classmate Ban Ki-Moon was puzzling.
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