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The head can rotate 180 degrees

Warning, do not imitate the action of Alexander did not want this if your neck is injured!
The elasticity of the neck muscles a young person called Alexander is creating us stunned. Picture, Alex can rotate its head by means of 180 degrees.

Alexander's action could create a guard with a supermarket throwing objects he was holding and close the mouth, a sign of disbelief. With the support of each hands, Alex turned his head to the rear.

Alex your capability to result from Eastern Europe caught the attention on the group of researchers. Alex admitted he just knew about elastitas his neck during practice gym, some years in the past. He also continued to use until your head can be rotated past the normal threshold.

Alex also claimed to need the energy within the whole body as you concentrate to carry out this course of action. Warning, do not imitate the act of Alexander this in the event you don't want to injury!
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