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Guards for Qantas boss Alan Joyce after death threats

Death threat addressed ekpada Qantas CEO Alan Joyce as well as a amount of other senior executives. Allegedly, the threat-related disputes that plagued the airline.

The threat was now seriously investigated either by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and New South Wales Police. Law enforcement also suggested that Joyce fix his property security technique. 
The Day-to-day Telegraph newspaper published mentioning, the Australian airline boss has hired a individual bodyguard.

The seriousness of the threat continues to be verified within the house of your senior staff. Vehicle and residence broken glass irresponsible folks.

Yesterday, Joyce Irish take extraordinary measures, which sent a memo to 35,000 Qantas staff - warned of an potential terrorist. Nevertheless the memo didn't mention death threats are already delivered to Joyce.
Since the Every day Telegraph published, a menace to Joyce reads, "It will come Paddy You'll be able to not view it!"

"The Unions will fight you ... Qantas is our airline, started & staffed by Australians, not foreign filth like you.

Qantas spokesperson, Olivia Wirth also obtain exactly the same terror. For details, Qantas is facing a bitter industrial dispute, the union up against the restructuring program.
In the email, Joyce stated, he realized there were acts of harassment and intimidation in Qantas. "Qantas workers who grow to be union members become the article of violence due to the fact they refused for taking part in strike action," he said.

Likewise, management staff, they were intimidated even down to his home. "It's disgusting and illegal actions. I have raised the issue with the police. Our security team is also at the moment investigating this," he stated.

Added Joyce, this is a cowardly tactic. "I ask union leaders to prevent words that ignite, also to ask their members to refrain.

Meanwhile, when confirmed, a licensed aircraft engineers association of Australia said none of its members are involved acts of terror.
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