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Giant Man LEGO appeared on the Florida Beach

We've been aware of individuals locating messages in bottles in the beach, but wait, how an 8-foot-tall LEGO figure?

We 1st saw good news over at BoingBoing. Apparently one was out walking about the beach near lovely Siesta Important in Florida, when he noticed "something" laying within the surf a approaches away.

He joined investigate, and what do you realize -- it turned out a large LEGO man. On its torso was really a message, reading "No Real Than You will be." Yeah, we do not obtain it either.

Nobody (no less than nobody official) is positive why the plastic figure showed up around the shore. We spoke to Amanda Santoro, Assistant Brand Relations Manager at LEGO. She declined comment but did claim that the "stunt" was "in definitely not endorsed or sponsored by LEGO Group or its affiliates."

OK, so does which means that somebody stole a giant LEGO figure and planted it over the beach? Properly, possibly. Think it or otherwise not, these types of thing has happened just before. A number of years ago, a huge LEGO man washed up in the Dutch resort of Zandvoort. That similar figure (or possibly a twin) also appeared within a Brighton beach inside the U.K.

Is it the same LEGO man? Achieved it really cross the ocean per se? Or was it placed there by way of jokester? No strategy to know. For the moment, although, have a look at motion picture below of people today marveling in the discovery. Staged or not satisfying you, it need to have already been a bizarre approach to start the morning.
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