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From Borneo Black Pearl of Good Mysterious

Black orchid (Coelogyne pandurata) is actually a kind of orchid that grows only in the island of Borneo. Black orchid flora will be the mascot of East Kalimantan province.

At present, black orchid native habitat has decreased considerable quantity as a result of the shrinking of forest region in Kalimantan, but sometimes nonetheless be found in nature reserves Luway grit in smaller amounts. It can be estimated that greater numbers are in the hands on the collector of orchids.

Characteristics of Plants

Named following the black orchid because it possesses a great tongue orchids (labellum) with little black stripes green and hairy. Sepals and petals light green. The flowers are really fragrant and unusual fragrant blooms in March and June.

Black orchid orchid is protected in group simpodial with swollen bulb shape in the bottom leaving sticking out on them. Every bulb just has two leaves only. The leaves themselves instantly appears to be a little daughter coconut leaves on shoots.

Black Orchid is the wealth of the pent Borneo jungle and didn't aftermath up, together with many different human activities which trigger home loan business forest location, then that less habitat plus the variety of Black Orchids that grow in the wild Borneo, when its prospective since the Black Orchid flower that literally brings tonal colors black can't utilized properly towards the continuing development of information and aid economic growth in the Indonesian Nation, all of its prospective is going to be incredibly helpful if for example the review by research institutions and entrepreneurs ornamental plants, due to the fact if it is usually born only 1 type of flower New Orchid Black Orchid hybrid of the above commercial value and can turn out, economic downturn and the prospective that's generated is going to be very huge and valuable because of this Nation.

Black Orchid Black Pearls like those buried deep in the jungle foliage the dwindling extent, we might I lose potency immediately after a whilst the black pearl is destroyed with the loss in forests of Borneo.
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