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A fresh face for link units from Adsense

If you're employing link units, you realize that they are a great technique to earn further revenue on the smaller spaces on your site.

We've made a couple of updates to this particular ad type inside the past, but right now, we're giving link units a well-deserved facelift. We decided that this was a chance to reevaluate the layout with the link unit and also the webpage as a way to give this ad form both a modern look plus a terrific performance increase. Here’s a review of what’s changing.

The web link unit
We’ve heard feedback from publishers which it isn’t clear why they must pick out to point out four versus five terms of their link units. Most people pick one of such selections by guessing the expected performance. We’ve really identified that link units with 4 terms just about often perform far better than 5.

As a result, we’re reducing the sheer number of topics overall link units to 4 for horizontal orientations and three for vertical orientations. If you’re at the moment utilizing link units, this change will occur automatically. We’re also slightly increasing spacing between and font measurements of every term.
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