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Denmark Imposes 'Fat Tax' in Effort to Limit Unhealthy Foods

Illustration cheese (REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson)
The Danish government says the tax are going to be wholesome society.
Denmark will grow to be the first country in the world to apply the further tax on fatty foods. The Danish government argued adding this tax for public wellness.

Quoted from page Xinhua, Denmark started to work with fat deposits tax on Saturday, October 1, 2011. Products that get the extra price will be the product of saturated fat extra than 2.3 percent. Each and every pound of fat is contained, it is going to obtain an further cost of 16 Danish kroner.

Among the merchandise getting taxed fats are butter, cream, cheese, meat, cooking oil, and processed food like pizza and delicious chocolate. For example, with this addition, 250 grams of butter that were previously at 15.5 Danish kroner to 18.10 Danish kroner. Essential olive oil originally Danish kroner per liter is 38.9, being 41.60 Danish kroner.

Previous enactment of extra tax, the citizens of Denmark purchased the goods and hoard fat. Some shops are busy too a novice to fix costs, in advance of a fat tax imposition.

Fat tax course will give an further cost to the consumers and food makers. Even so, the Danish government has insisted on performing the appropriate factor. According to them, this tax would make men and women lessen use of fatty foods, creating it a lot more healthful.
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