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Close West Bank Israeli Yom Kippur By

West Bank - Israel sealed their borders with the West Bank over celebration of Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is the holiest day for Jews.
From a statement, the Israeli military stated that the whole border will remain closed on Saturday, October 8. The celebration itself will begin at the begining of evening right now.

As reported by the Connected Press on Friday (07/10/2011), while the border was closed exceptions made ??to just about every person who wants medical help.

Israel is frequently close their borders with the West Bank on major holidays. The closure is supposed to avoid the act of the attacks occurred.

Gaza border is controlled by Hamas given that June 2007, also closed mainly because it must be extra stringent than once the religious celebrations take place.

Celebration of Yom Kippur itself has significance for Jews. With this holy day, Jews were only needed to carry out prayer and fasting.
At the celebration, the entire flow of air and ground transportation are not able to operate. While broadcast radio and television broadcasts will be prohibited.
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