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Hard Candy selling cases for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5

Case maker Challenging Candy is betting that Apple will announce two new iPhones these days, and it is already selling circumstances for people devices. 

According to Cult of Mac, which spoke with Difficult Candy CEO Tim Hickman, the way it is maker received dimension data "from three sources" that show an iOS-based device having a four.44-inch screen and wide home button below the screen. The extender, according to Hard Candy, is going to be about four.83 inches tall and 2.63 inches wide. Its thickness comes in at just 0.28 inch.

The device's display size is notable, taking into consideration the iPhone 4 contains a three.5-inch display. More than the final various months, rumors have been swirling that suggest the subsequent iPhone will come using a bigger display to match competitors boasting four.3-inch screens.

However, there is no telling if the dimensions Difficult Candy has received--and is betting 50,000 instances on--is the subsequent iPhone. Hickman told Cult of Mac that he doesn't know for confident if it's an iPhone or iPod Touch, but he expects Apple to unveil the fresh device at its iPhone event later nowadays.

Then once again, Hickman could be wrong. He acknowledged to Cult of Mac that Apple did not deliver the information to him, which makes his persistence for create so many instances a risk. On the other hand, he told Cult of Mac, he or she is "confident" that it is actually an iOS-based device, and similar risks inside the past have paid off.

Hickman is really confident, in truth, that his company's website is already offering iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 situations available for purchase. The Bubble Shell iPhone 5 case, which shows images of what Hickman believes the iPhone 5 will appear like, is readily available on pre-order for $34.95. The Bubble Shell case to the iPhone 4S, which definitely seems to be very similar to the iPhone 4 in Hard Candy's mockup, is also out there for $34.95.

We'll uncover out for certain when this bet repaid later currently when Apple takes the wraps off its plans in the iPhone event scheduled taking location at 10 a.m. PT. Be sure to check back at 9:30 a.m. PT for CNET's live coverage of your event.
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