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Android 4.0 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus unveiled: five surprises

Google and Samsung unveiled the latest flagship Android phone and operating method a few days ago in Hong Kong. Each appear really enticing, and also a couple of surprises about them had been divulged.

Google and Samsung took happens in Hong Kong the other day and unveiled the most current offering from every of the companies. Samsung trotted out its Galaxy Nexus, the most recent Android flagship phone as well as the initially that may ship with Google’s unveiled product, Android 4.0. Android 4.0 is Goodies Sandwich (ICS), therefore it borrows heavily from other mobile platforms inside the style.
While i watched the presentation, I noticed a few surprises that hadn’t previously lost concerning the Galaxy Nexus and ICS.

Galaxy Nexus utilizes the TI OMAP4460 processor. This is unusual as Samsung makes its own processors, and contains the fact is claimed Apple infringes on Samsung’s chipsets. Commemorate me wonder generally if the TI is actually a superior performer under ICS, specially within the graphics area. Or possibly Samsung is avoiding any future litigation from Apple by employing this chipset from TI.

Android Beam is webOS Touch to Share. Google proudly showed off its Android Beam, which uses NFC to squirt stuff from 1 ICS telephone to a further by touching the backs of these two phones together. Google exhibited sending contact facts and internet pages. This really is the same technologies demonstrated by HP early at the moment in its webOS press event. It turned out created to give internet pages from the webOS phone into a webOS tablet. Google looks to experience broadened the varieties of facts which will be sent by Android Beam.

Face unlock. This utilizes the front side camera within the Galaxy Nexus (and likely all ICS-bearing phones) to unlock the phone without user intervention. The user shows the phone just what the user resembles as soon as, after which it recognizes the operator and unlocks the phone as proper moving forward. Although it failed for the duration of Google’s demo this morning, the technologies is basically really mature and need to work fine. IBM and Lenovo have included facial recognition software program to unlock PCs for one decade.

Folks app. Android 4.0 has a brand new Persons app that scrapes all details about contacts into one app. It facilitates searching up contact details and getting having access to all on the web data for one given get in touch with. It can be feasible to view the all social networks updates for the contact within the app, a nice feature. This capacity is comparable to the Synergy technologies in webOS, and live tiles in Windows Phone 7.

Folders over the household screen. ICS will allow users to tug one app icon to the homescreen onto a different to automatically make folders for organizing apps. If this describes iOS, that's simply because it really is incredibly similar indeed.

Each the Galaxy Nexus and Android four.0 are significant updates that need to help both companies’ efforts. ICS looks a solid update to the Android platform, though it is not clear how this will perform with tablets. This version will be the initially to fully support both phones and tablets, this tablet support will likely be critical for ones good results of this genre under Android. Google states that there really should be no tablet-specific apps in ICS, rather all apps should work on both phones and bigger devices. We’ll need to observe how that plays out.
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