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2012 Toyota Camry SE V6: Cautiously restyled, it's more concerned with brains than beauty

Toyota has fabricated an accomplishment to accomplish its seventh-generation Camry a little sexier, but not THAT abundant sexier.

Camry is, afterwards all, already the acknowledged car in America. So there's little to be acquired by demography a chance, and affluence to lose with a administration mistake. Consequently, Toyota absitively not to get brainless about it.

The fresh 2012 Camry is sleeker than its antecedent and, thankfully, has jettisoned its 2007-2011 annular adenoids in favor of a added sculpted face, but it's still clumsily bourgeois compared to such fashion-maven competitors as the Kia Optima, Hyundai Sonata, Chevy Malibu and Ford Fusion. By Camry standards it looks dashing, but by abreast midsize-sedan standards it could be issued to addition in the Witness Protection Program.

But what's buried beneath that bark — both its anointed stuff, which is 90 percent new, and its advanced infotainment technology — is impressive, indeed.

The trims will be accustomed to fans. Base L, LE, SE and XLE models all return, forth with the accurate 2.5-liter I-4 and 3.5-liter V-6 engines. The amalgam additionally is back.

New, however, is a six-speed automated that comes accepted with every non-hybrid Camry, a affection that helps advance ammunition abridgement in all models. Even the amalgam gooses its mpg numbers significantly.
We collection the SE V-6, so we'll apply on that.

On the road, this car, aboriginal and foremost, is a ancestors sedan, so its acceptability for a common active acquaintance is able-bodied earned. Still, some fun can be extracted from the SE V-6, with its wheel-mounted paddle-shifters, hardly firmer abeyance and peppy, 268-hp six.

Inside, allowance is fabulous. In fact, this fresh Camry, admitting casting a adumbration that's around identical to that of the approachable car, boasts a roomier autogenous acknowledgment to some able repackaging of the car's mechanicals.

The d├ęcor — two-tier dash, covering trim with allegory bond and handsome centerstack — was accent by Toyota's absorbing fresh Entune infotainment package.

With a smart-phone affiliated and chargeless Toyota app, it offers, amid added things, Pandora internet radio, which enables the disciplinarian to around actualize a claimed radio station; voice-command aeronautics with an alarming 15 actor programmed credibility of interest; on-demand sports and banking tickers; on-demand acclimate forecasts and alarm scans; and an alternate affection that allows the disciplinarian from the car to adjustment aggregate from flowers to cine tickets to pizzas.

On the assurance front, Camry offers 10 accepted air bags, adherence and absorption control, anchor override and accessible back camera and blind-spot monitor.

Finally, prices are lower — no kidding! — an boilerplate of about a admirable per model.
Cautiously restyled, conservatively priced and impressively ladled with technology, this is a able adversary to absorb its acknowledged status.
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