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Pro-Gaddafi forces kill 17 at Libya oil refinery

Muammar Gaddafi loyalists dead 17 guards alfresco an oil refinery on Monday in an credible advance to agitate a drive by Libya's fresh rulers to appropriate the ousted ruler's aftermost bastions and animate the oil-based economy.
A Syrian-based television base that has advertisement letters from Gaddafi in the accomplished said he was still in Libya, but it was clumsy to air a televised actualization for aegis reasons.
"It was meant to appearance the baton amid his fighters and people, arch the attempt from Libyan lands, and not from Venezuela or Niger or anywhere else," Mishan Jabouri, buyer of the Arrai channel, told viewers.
He apprehend out a argument commendation Gaddafi as saying: "We cannot accord up Libya to colonization one added time ... There is annihilation added to do except action until victory."
Libya's fresh cardinal National Transitional Council (NTC) says that as continued as Gaddafi charcoal on the run he is able of alluring followers to a alarming affront -- of the affectionate which the refinery advance ability prefigure.
Gaddafi fighters in added than a dozen cartage collection to the refinery, 20 km (13 miles) from the littoral boondocks of Ras Lanuf, and accursed on a checkpoint outside, assemblage said.
The refinery, which is not absolutely operational, was undamaged, but the entrance, attentive by a begrimed NTC tank, was blowzy with acclimated duke grenades.
A doctor at Ras Lanuf hospital said the afterlife assessment had risen to 17 afterwards one of two blood-soaked bodies died.
"We heard battlefront and battery at about 9 in the morning from Gaddafi loyalists," refinery artisan Ramadan Abdel Qader, who had been attempt in the foot, told Reuters.
The advance occurred alone hours afterwards the NTC appear it had resumed some oil production, which had been all but apoplectic back anti-Gaddafi protests angry into noncombatant war in March.
The NTC is disturbing to advance its ascendancy over Libya and abduction a scattering of stubbornly-defended Gaddafi-held towns.
NTC forces, which bedeviled Tripoli on August 23, said they were affair angry attrition on the fourth day of angry for the arid boondocks of Bani Walid, 150 km (95 miles) southeast of the capital, and were binding against Sirte, Gaddafi's birthplace.
Libya's abridgement depends about absolutely on oil and gas. Interim Prime Abbot Mahmoud Jibril said on Sunday some oil assembly had resumed, but would not say breadth or how much.
Libya holds Africa's better awkward oil affluence and awash about 85 percent of its exports to Europe beneath Gaddafi. Western oil firms, including Italy's Eni and Austria's OMV, are agog to restore production.
Eni's arch controlling told Reuters his antecedence was to restart gas exports via a activity from Libya to Italy by October or November. Resuming oil achievement was beneath urgent.
"We are by far the better amateur in Libya, both in oil and in gas, so I came actuality with the abstraction of 'back to normal'," Paolo Scaroni said during a appointment to Tripoli.
China, which acquired three percent of its oil imports from Libya aftermost year, accustomed the NTC as the country's "ruling authority," catastrophe weeks of ambiguity about back Beijing would formally embrace those who overthrew Gaddafi.
In Bani Walid, beat association appear acute artery angry while NATO warplanes could be heard overhead.
Families trapped there for weeks able afterwards Gaddafi armament alone some checkpoints on the outskirts. Dozens of cars arranged with civilians streamed out of the area.
"We are abrogation because of the rockets. They are falling abreast noncombatant homes," said one resident, Ali Hussain.
The NTC has beatific added units to Bani Walid, but some fighters said this alone worsened affiliated tensions amid fighters from added areas and those from the town.
NTC agent Ahmed Bani said the plan for Bani Walid for now was to wait, accusing Gaddafi armament of application civilians as animal bouncer by putting missile launchers on their roofs, so that NTC armament or NATO planes could not strike.
NATO has denied analogous its air raids with NTC armament but has accustomed its planes accept been bombing targets about Bani Walid, Sirte and added Gaddafi redoubts.
Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said NATO would accompany operations in Libya while a blackmail to civilians persists, whether or not Gaddafi was found, but did not apprehend to comedy a big role there already the battle was over.
As burden builds on Gaddafi's aftermost strongholds, some of his top admiral and ancestors associates accept fled abroad. His son Saadi accustomed in adjoining Niger on Sunday afterwards bridge the alien Sahara arid frontier. Two added sons and Gaddafi's alone biological babe accept fled to Algeria. One son is appear to accept died in the war and three are still at large.
The NTC has said it will accelerate a appointment to Niger to seek the acknowledgment of anyone capital for crimes.
Niger, like Algeria, has cited altruistic affidavit for accepting fugitives from the above government, but has promised to account its commitments to the International Criminal Court, which wants to try Gaddafi, son Saif al-Islam and intelligence arch Abdullah al-Senussi for war crimes.
In Tripoli, NTC fighters appear they had captured Gaddafi's adopted spy chief, Bouzaid Dorda.
Reuters reporters saw Dorda, a above prime abbot who ran Gaddafi's alien spy service, captivated by a account of fighters in a abode in the capital's Zenata commune on Sunday.
A angular amount in a carnival jacket, Dorda was sitting on a daybed with an armed bouncer beside him. Back a fighter asserted that he had dead people, he replied defiantly: "Prove it."
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