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Iran: Don't Ever Believe In NATO-US-French-English and Italian

TEHRAN-The Arab states urged to not trust NATO, the usa, and a number of other western countries. That is related to the proposal that they need to implement democratization inside the Middle East.

Similarly, the Spiritual Leader calls Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. "Do never believe inside the U.S., NATO and criminal regimes such as Britain, France and Italy," said Khamenei.

"These countries given that the first ended up being to divide and destroy your country," he continued. Khamenei stated this within the International Islamic Conference in Tehran.

"Stay suspicious of them. Do not be fooled them smile. Behind the smile and also the commitment of their appointments there would be a conspiracy plot," he said again.
He was quoted saying, in the standpoint of Iran, nov the regime in Egypt and Tunisia proAmerika is a powerful signal that the influence in the U.S. regime plus the rise of Islam will fade soon.

Khamenei stated the United States and NATO will continue to dominate the longer term government of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya as well as other countries. He challenges these countries to counter U.S. dominance and preserve their Islamic traditions.

"Do not let your enemies instead of writing the future of your local government. Do not permit principles of Islam precisely for any interests on the victim of an moment," said Khamenei once again.
When the rope invited the Arabs to reject western liberalism. He also dared to invite the countries applying Islamic principles with their governance.

"To develop a system of government is a large job and very vital. It really is very complex and hard. Don't enable the concept seklar, western, liberal, extreme nationalism involved with it," stated Khamenei again.

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