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Brugada syndrome

Brugada syndrome is really a genetic disease characterized by elevated risk of sudden death. The syndrome is named by Pedro and Joseph Brugada cardiologist from Spain in 1992. The disease is most most likely the trigger of sudden death for the duration of sleep (KMST) or a sudden and unexpected nocturnal in young men in Southeast Asia.

The cause of death in Brugada syndrome is ventricular fibrillation (a condition in which there's uncoordinated contraction of heart muscle of the ventricles in the heart). In this case the ventricular muscle twitches randomly and without coordination so that the ventricle fails to pump blood into the arteries and into systemic circulation.

In many situations that occurred in Southeast Asia, the syndrome is more prevalent in men with an average age of 30-50 years. In Indonesia, this deadly syndrome was very first reported by Dr. Muhammad Munawar SpJP 2002, published inside the Journal of Cardiology Indonesia.

This syndrome is pretty much with out symptoms, the patient suddenly died instantly in spite of previously in very good wellness even no risk aspects for coronary heart disease.

Despite the fact that there's no appropriate treatment which can be trusted and truly prevent the occurrence of this syndrome. Efforts that can be performed in patients with Brugada syndrome is often a cardioverter-defibrillator installation tool. Installation that doesn't mean much if the symptoms go undetected.
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