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Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

You’re activity to adulation talking to bodies on this Ooma Telo. If they don’t adulation talking back, that’s too bad!

Hello, 911? Hey! It’s me, Chris! I aloof set up my fresh Ooma Telo – alone took fifteen minutes! – and it says that back I alarm 911, you guys’ll get my registered address. Aloof capital to accomplish abiding it’s working. 509 4th Ave, Galesburg, Illinois – is that what you got on your end? Cool, able-bodied then, no emergency here, except accepting this accomplished canteen of wine all to myself, adumbration hint…

No wait, amuse don’t adhere up! Why? Well, umm, because… I appetite to analysis the blow of these features. Yes, it is an emergency! Kind of! Or a preemptive bang on accessible emergencies! Think about it: what if I set this up amiss and I alarm addition with acrimony problems and there’s an affair with the alarm that makes them appetite to annihilate me? Do you appetite that claret on your hands? Please, aloof airing through this with me!

Okay, cool! Let’s alpha by testing the articulation quality. I’ll say a alternation of things and you say “yes” if you’d alarm the complete as brittle and clear. Alright, testing, actuality we go: “Would you like to get pleasure a adventurous candle-lit banquet with me?” Yes? Well, appear on over! Oh… right, it was brittle and clear… sorry, got a little aflame there.

Now let’s analysis the handset which should accommodate the aforementioned superb quality, security, and ambit after interfering with my WiFi. I’m activity to airing through my house, and you can acquaint me if I’m still clear, alright? Okay, I’m in the active allowance with my decidedly ample DVD accumulating of adventurous comedies – can you apprehend me? What about now, in the barn with my convertible? Now, in the bedchamber with the lights dimmed and rose petals all over the bed? All clear?

Well, abutting is in-network calling. Why don’t you aloof go advanced and accord me the cardinal for your Ooma, and I’ll alarm you back your about-face ends. Oh, you don’t accept an Ooma? That’s no problem; appealing abundant all U.S. calls are chargeless for me abreast from a few taxes and fees. So you can go advanced and accord me that cardinal anyway.

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