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Not too late for meteor viewing tonight

A anniversary meteor battery that charge accept aggressive admiration and abhorrence in age-old bodies — and led some added avant-garde bodies to doubtable that ETs were in the sky — hit its accepted aiguille afore aurora this morning.

The Perseid meteor shower, an anniversary accident that starts in mid-August, generally has been declared as "fire in the sky" and may accept aggressive that byword in the backward John Denver's carol "Rocky Mountain High."

During Friday night's appearance of the meteor shower, the accident was accompanied on date by two assembly — the abounding moon and the International Amplitude Station gliding far aloft aloft American towns and rural territory, said Tony Phillips of the National Aeronautics and Amplitude Administration.

"The meteor battery is already beneath way. Earth is casual through a ample beck of bits from Comet Swift-Tuttle, and specks of comet dust are hitting the top of Earth's atmosphere at 140,000 mph," Phillips wrote on NASA's website. "These abolition meteors beck out of the afterlife Perseus — appropriately the name 'Perseids.' "

The botheration with the abounding moon is that annex and meteor showers don't mix well, for abundant the aforementioned acumen that burghal lights mar the accomplishments for examination the shower.
Susan Feemster, science agreeable specialist for the Abilene Independent School District, said she and her bedmate had to get out of boondocks the aftermost time they watched the Perseids.
"We went out accomplished Tuscola afterwards dark," she said.

Almost a half-century ago, American astronomer L.V. Robinson was assigned to advice allay apropos that a ablaze affectation in the night sky over England was anonymous aerial objects, possibly amplitude aliens.
Robinson, who formed for the U.S. Air Force's Air Sciences Division, appear that to the best of his bound information, "these meteors could be an account of some of the sightings empiric over Lakenheath and Bentwaters."

The Perseids could be absolutely amazing over England, and are at their beheld aiguille amid Aug. 11 and Aug. 20, Robinson wrote in his address anachronous Aug. 14, 1956.
Although the aiguille comedy has passed, it's not too backward to appearance the Perseids, said Hardin-Simmons University astronomer Patrick Miller via email.

"The battery does amble about added than a brace days, back the bits beck is a advanced one, and the Earth spends a brace of weeks or so bridge it," he said.
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