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Let's End the Addiction Supplements Consumption

Supplements afresh seemed to accept become the trend of our bloom culture. Everyone seemed to absolutely charge to supplement the abutment of all circadian activities. And is that correct?
Actually, back apropos to a home he said, acceptation an added supplement. So the alone supplements we absorb back we absolutely charge it (eg pain). If all we can to accommodated all our comestible needs from a counterbalanced diet (adequate assimilation of carbohydrates, fats, protein, additional vitamins and minerals), why alternate to say NO to the supplement.

According to diet able from the University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Walujo Soerjodibroto, MSc, PhD (quoted by, supplements are awash advisedly on the bazaar can not absolutely accommodated the needs of the body. What happens to the balance or shortage. This is because such supplements can not be assigned by a physician so that the admeasurement of out of control.

Here I present abstracts on adverse facts supplement:

Ø Excessive burning of antioxidant supplements such as vitamins A, E and beta-carotene added the accident of death.

Ø The best way to get antioxidants for bark bloom is through the assimilation of vitamins and oils from foods rather than supplements.

Ø Excessive Vitamin D supplementation is adverse to the kidneys and liver.

Ø Taking supplements of activity drinks can access claret pressure.

Ø supplements and accustomed herbal acting for Viagra that is claimed to be safer additionally accommodate hazards, such as added claret pressure, and alike advance to stroke.

Ø Too abundant vitamin C would baffle with chestnut absorption, which, although bare in actual small, but important set of actinic agreement and achievement of the body.

Ø Too abounding supplements accommodate phosphorus will arrest the assimilation of calcium.

Ø Balance vitamin A, D, K and adamant that can not be disposed of bodies angry into poison.

Well if you accept this, we still anticipate we MUST supplement consumption? All of advance in the end it's up to us.
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