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Google: Facebook is blocking Google+ invite links

A contempo address mentions the achievability of blocking up all posts that accommodate an allurement to annals on Google +. This achievability was arise by a Google employee.

Through a video, Google advisers showed irregularities begin on the Facebook account feed. Features that generally displays the amend cachet of these friends, do not accompany up the updates accommodate a articulation to Google +.

The video is again affiliated to Google's Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra, allurement if there are added users experiencing the aforementioned thing. He additionally notes, Google accustomed a address from addition user who additionally ascertain this.
No doubt, there is belief that Facebook has carefully blocked all the posts that accept links with Google +. However, as arise by Slashgear, Thursday (18/08/2011), anon denied these allegations up.

Facebook says the armpit can not do that, as apparent in the video. Additionally added by Facebook, it is acceptable this is due to display-filtering technology on its website.
"This technology prevents spam entrance. Displays-filtering can get rid of a assertive articulation in adjustment not to arise again in the user's account feed, abnormally if you accept ahead acquaint a few times," said a agent for Facebook.

Another belief mentioned, this is aloof a gimmick created by Google to actualize disbelief users on the Facebook belvedere and absorbed in switching to Google +. Moreover, ahead been accepted to block Facebook, Friendster exporter of Facebook to Google +.

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