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Verizon says it will launch Galaxy S II in July, but retracted the statement

The mobile phone company Verizon Wireless in the near future would bring the U.S. market a successor to the Samsung Fascinate, Galaxy S version of the popular Android smartphone that launched last year.
The new Android phone would be a specific version of the Galaxy S II, which hits shelves in late April with a double application processor core, a large touch screen and 2.3 Gingerbread Android OS on board.
The mobile operator has almost confirmed plans for the device available for sale, but soon retracted the statement, saying it was just a miscommunication.
A recent article in Computerworld revealed the company plans to launch the Galaxy S II as soon as next month, but not made public specific information about it.
However, a Verizon representative said that shortly after the article appeared online, the company actually was talking about the tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is actually scheduled for release on the shelves next month, with connectivity to LTE board.
Chances are that, although he retracted the statement, the Galaxy S II hits the shelves of Big Red as soon as next month.
It was rumored that the phone goes to the company under the name Function, while expected to hit AT & T and Sprint, under the nicknames of Attain and Within, respectively.
Nothing is officially confirmed about the release of any of these devices, but some of the earlier rumors suggested that Sprint would plan to do Within available by next month.
Verizon may also have their own version of Galaxy S II is available for purchase next month, not to stay behind the rival CDMA.
Officially, Verizon has no plans to launch the Galaxy S II at the time, but filtering can be interpreted as a confirmation of the fact.
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