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Mysterious light line is also seen in the Jakarta sky

Jakarta - mysterious orange light Selarik is also visible on the sky west of Jakarta. Ray of light was witnessed by passengers on buses TransJakarta and road users in South Jakarta.

"I see everything 17:50 am on the right bus," said Aji, a passenger TransJakarta, AFP on Thursday (14/07/2011).

At that time, the bus was traveling on Jl HR Rasuna happening told Mampang, South Jakarta. Selarik sightings of orange light will also attract the attention of other passengers.

"The view is quite long, about 2 minutes. Passengers who are wondering what it was, are also trying to take pictures with mobile phones," continued Aji.

A similar testimony presented by Tere (20), a citizen of the Jewel, South Jakarta. Ray of light was thought quite long and slow.

"The length of the beamline is about 10 meters. Walking down the straights and slow in the west. I think it's a plane," says Tere.

Mysterious light was witnessed also by the housing Hermanto City Grand Cikarang, Bekasi, around 18:00 pm. The color is bright red and does not move too fast.
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