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Lenovo IdeaPad Z470-vs.-MacBook Pro 13.3 "

This team could check at Sam's I found quite good and cheap, the cost there is $ 1.066 USD is something like $ 12.800 usd, its features make it an excellent investment similar equipment on the Mac, might be the MacBook Pro 13.3 "in early 2011 is a cost of $ $ 1.500 $ 18.000 pesos is Mexican, of course we already know that Mac is something else, but you can at least give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z470 The finishing is excellent and the i5 Core processor making it extremely fast, if we add a 640 Gb hard drive and HDMI port External SATA, have everything we need in this versatile for both home and for work, the computer has 4 gigabytes of RAM expandable to 8.

Team MacBook Pro 13.3 "of which we speak is the beginning of 2011 which is the same as is currently available and has, as Lenovo Z470 Intel Core i5, 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 320 Gb disk, ie about half the album would be giving us the Lenovo, the memory is expandable to 4 gigabytes 8, like the Lenovo.

If we were to compare only the Lenovo features could be winning, but the point here is that we want the machine, if we PC users only and we want to save almost $ 500 would still be on the side of the Z470.
I had the opportunity to sell and use both lap's and at least for me the decision would be for the Mac because having 2 native operating systems (Mas OSX and Windows 7) gives me a chance to do many more things, superior quality make the MacBook Pro an excellent team, but good in the end the decision is to everyone!

The Mac even more expensive, in terms of software turns out to be something cheaper at least in essence, there are some tools such as audits are WEP, clear design, in which the advantage is clear, but of course, compatibility and the hundreds of Windows programs make something if not essential if very important, Mac can be used both worlds with superior quality!
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