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Google + Project : Internet version of live communication

It is difficult to imagine life without communication. Every day we meet with different people, talk to them, smile and joke.
Today, for communicating with other people more and more used the Internet. It is true that online communication is lost, many important components, such as warmth and emotion.
So from a purely human point of view, this kind of communication seems dry, devoid of emotion. And we're going to change that.
With the technology we want to transfer all the wealth of nuances and fullness of a living human communication on the Internet. We want to make Google services more convenient for you, more focused on your interests and your social networks. Therefore, we present to you the project Google +:
All we establish different levels of trust with different people from our environment. With former classmates, we discuss some things with the parents share the other, from their bosses at work hiding the third. The problem is that modern online services make the friendship into something like fast food: all people indiscriminately get into our list of friends, and as a result we may not be as open as we want.

This creates discomfort. Instead of communicating with those who need at the moment, we have to constantly talk with all at once.
It's scary. Every conversation in the Internet, which can be observed for more than 100 "friends", comparable to public speaking. Few people like to talk about personal things in front of large audiences, so the Internet, we are not inclined to be frank.
It deprives us of the emotional ties. Each in his own understanding, words such as "friend," "friend" or "relative". They have a lot of shades of meaning. However, online communication, all these nuances are lost.
Having come to this conclusion, we asked: "How do we interact with people around us?". Find the answer was not difficult. In fact, when we selectively share information, thoughts and feelings with other people, we share them in circles.
All human beings are somehow divide their friends and acquaintances in circles of communication, each of which may share some information or opinion. So we went to the most logical way: the concept of social circles moved into the virtual world. Now you can create a few laps to add them as people and start chatting with them - just like in real life.
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