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Exploring the Museum 'in the Upper Heaven'

Museum synonymous with old-fashioned stuff and have old-fashioned impression. As a result, the young man who has been contaminated by the progress of the age are often reluctant menyambanginya.
But in Tokyo, Japan, there is a museum that has been transformed into a unique place nan interesting. The name of the place is the Mori Art Museum, built on a height of hundreds of meters from the ground or rather on the floor of the building 52 Mori Arts Center, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.
Position 'in the sky' is certainly require visitors to climb first. But do not worry, no need to go through the steps, just use that shot very fast elevator.
The appeal of the Mori Art Museum shines with the presence of two other facilities are guaranteed to pamper the eyes. Namely the observatory to enjoy the view from above the skies of Tokyo (Tokyo city view) and the sky aquarium.
Mori Art Museum is a museum of modern art with a concept and a lot of showcasing contemporary art. Besides the exhibition, usually held also other art world events.
This museum seems oriented to France. It was seen from the interior design that many use the distinctive blue-white-red flag is the State Mode.
Many unique work with various versions are displayed in this museum. And certainly a layman can enjoy it, so no need to worry if you do not have the soul of high art.
Unfortunately, the uniqueness of the work at the Mori Art Museum can not be enshrined in the camera shots or video footage. For prohibited by officers.
Tokyo City View
After spoiled with works of art, visitors can then move on to the next room (still on the floor 52) to enjoy the view of Tokyo from 'the sky'.
Yes, 'Tokyo City View' is an almost 360 degree views of the entire city of Tokyo from the 52nd floor of the building glass. Eye visitors can surf the entire region-including Japan's capital Tokyo Tower-see with the naked eye.
The best time to enjoy the 'Tokyo City View' course at night. Because that's when the lights of buildings that meet Japan's capital is being run illuminate the darkness of night duty.
Some corner cafe in this place was ready to give added attraction to the present moment romantic dinner with someone special.
The third vehicle at the Mori Arts Center is the Sky Aquarium. Yes, as the name implies, this is a collection of aquariums are trying to be a little different to be built on top of high buildings, so they can retrieve the lure of the name 'Sky' aka the sky.
Ponds built aquarium is not too large, may be the same as in the houses (in size). But the presentation was made special by the presence of fish is unique and interesting lighting shots, so it makes it nice.
There is also a vehicle for 'opera fish' in Sky Aquarium this. Just like opera in general, the fish in action, accompanied by a background picture and music so impressed to make a storyline.
One other interesting thing is that there is room Blue Oasis Aquarium, where every room is decorated with blue lighting and flirty.
To be able to enjoy the attractive places in the top third, adult visitors must spend at 2,000 yen. While for two rides (without Sky Aquarium) for 1,500 yen.
Yes, that's results of operations of the famous Japanese citizens diligently. They managed to 'juggle' a museum which is identical with the goods of ancient and old-fashioned impression into something interesting and become one of the main tourist destination. Indonesia also must be, the origin has the will and creativity without stopping.

source: detik.com
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