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From various penilitian, there were 10 ways / tips fastest and unique in ousting the stress that comes menghingap.Berikut are 10 fastest way to cope with stress:

1. Cursing (1 sec)Researchers at the University of East Angelia England Norwich assess the ability and found that using swear words can reduce stress and improve intimacy among co-workers (Bajingan! Dog!). Good luck.

2. Consumption of Fish Oil (5 seconds)According to research from the University of Pittsburgh, people have a content of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids in the blood are highest, happier, less impulsive, and more fun. Try fish oil as a daily supplement containing 400 mg EPA and 400 mg DHA.

3. Eating Dark Chocolate (10 seconds)According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, shows that flavonoids in cocoa beans can make blood vessels relax. Find low fat dark chocolate that has more to relieve stress favonoid than milk chocolate.

4. Lean back (30 seconds)Forget the advice menyerankan you sit upright to ease strain on punggug. Researchers at the University of Alberta Hospital in Canada found that sitting with his back propped with a slope of 135 degrees is the best sitting position to reduce back pain.

5. Add the Garlic (1 minute)Researchers at the University of Birmingham Alabamadi sure have found the reason why garlic is good for heart health, and in dlam study, they found the power of garlic to combat stress as well. When you digest organsulfur allicin, the main component in garlic, your body produces hydrogen sulfide, which will make blood vessels relax danmeningkatkan blood flow.

6. Brewed Tea (3 minutes)In a study at University College London, 75% of men given tea before completing the task are loaded with stress. Once the task is completed, it turns out kadarkortisol them down to an average of 47%, lower than men who did not drink before the test kortisolnya fell by 27%.

7. Watching Youtube or film pndek To Interludes (5 minutes)Meurut reseachers at the Université Linda, California, laughter can reduce stress-related hormones such as dopac (38%). cortisol (39%), and epinephrine (70%). And when researchers at the University of Maryland memertontonkan short film cuts to the participants, it turns out they are watching a funny movie increased blood flow to their heart as much as 22%.

8. Massage Therapy (30 seconds)According to researchers at Hong Kong University Polytchnic, acupuncture is a quick way to relieve tension by 39%. If you want to stress quickly subsided, massage the area between the thumb and index finger for 20-30 seconds. "This is the most ummum acupuncture points to make the upper body feels good," said Patrice Winter, spokeswoman for the American Physical Therapy Association.

9. Creating Financial stats (8 minutes)"For men, on vacation, money is the greatest source of stress," says Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph.D., author of Financial Infidelity. arena according to survey 202 years, men who avoid making financial planning, spending an average 36% more money to buy things during the holidays dibaningkan with men who do financial planning. So dear to your heart and wallet. Negotiate with your wife and immediately count the money you'll spend alone during the holidays or during holiday.

10. Sex (10 minutes)Kissing and hugging your wife can reduce stes, according to researchers at the University of North Caroline, Scotland, these activities can increase levels of oxytocin, a hormone associated with love and bonding. The researchers also found that bercitan regularly can reduce anxiety, stress, and blood pressure.

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