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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango to Bring 500 New Features

Microsoft launched Windows Phone Mango last month. Now, Microsoft added many features to pamper the individual, specially the music service.

Windows Phone
is using pod casts, that can be helpful to download songs on your hard disk then synced to the device.There are numerous methods pod casts from the Music Hub, and you can now hear. You can find program has a subscription.

Microsoft also imported
with the Zune HD Smart DJ, what design of the company's products is Genius, which creates a list of songs, albums, and artists. All aspects are integrated all Music Hub. If we want to subscribe, you may get a pin in to a play list within the start screen.

Microsoft’s plan would add automatic search suggestions
which is available in this marketplace, in cooperation with content providers, either from application or game, music, and podcasts.What's more, Microsoft also made changes to your Music Video Hub and also the Hub. The business enterprise provides playback controls that could add to the set of wallpaper, displaying what you are doing recently such as vertical, includes controls for video playback and music right into a larger size.

Picture artist also better, preview songs
which are lively discussed, plus the opportunity to build play lists manually around the device itself.

is actually not competent to succeed around the mobile phone segment. Despite the fact that the organization launched the main smartphones with a great market share for countless years, the slow software platform and also the devices geared towards corporations have limited the company’s success.

The success reported by iPhone, BlackBerry and Android has proven that consumer and well as corporate users wanted
different things. Windows Phone 7 was introduced last February and Microsoft had high expectation associated with it. The November launch was well-received, prestashop was appreciated therefore it was said the phones were good…yet users really don't rush to buy them.This holiday season, Microsoft has announced they have got closed a deal with Nokia and rumors suggest that if sales are wonderful, Microsoft might take control of Nokia.The latest features

may bring new security and data protection features as this is the internets topic nowadays. Internet Explorer 9 could well be better, Office could run better along with the Twitter account may be integrated on People Hub. It seems that multitasking is likewise available. Email access continues to be improved via server search and Microsoft has integrated Lync Mobile, the online video-conference service.

not even confirmed are convinced that nine new Windows Phone devices could be launched. That would be something totally new.
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