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Nokia Connection 2011 In addition to Hold Microsoft, Nokia Has a New Strategy

Singapore - This year, Nokia is committed to fix the strategy. Starting with the holding Microsoft and will use Windows 7 Phone, Finland based company is also preparing other strategies.

At the conference Nokia Connection 2011 in Singapore, Nokia CEO Stephen Ellop reveal key points of new strategy of Nokia. Wearing a black suit, Elop confidently say that this is a new era for Nokia.

"Earlier this year we launched a comprehensive strategy to change our course. The strategy include a focus on smart devices, connecting billions of people and fostering innovation," said Stephen Elop to the audience in attendance included detikINET, Tuesday (21/06/2011).

In the realm of smartphones, Nokia introduced the latest smartphone, N9. Surprisingly, this smartphone is actually using the platform MeeGo. And as we know, the public was waiting for like what Nokia phones based on Windows 7 Phone, considering that Nokia has just announced its partnership with Microsoft.

In addition, billions of people to connect to the Internet, Elop deliver a strategy that calls the 'connecting to the next billion' by presenting a low end phones are affordable.

"Smartphones are very important for Nokia, but not everyone has or can afford to buy sophisticated mobile phone. So we can connect billions of people to the web," said Elop.

There are three phones are introduced, namely the Nokia C2-02, Nokia 03 and Nokia C2-C2-06. This phone will be released next month.

Nokia also reaffirmed its commitment not to menganaktirikan Symbian. Nokia plans to release up to 10 Symbian smartphones in the coming year. And July this year, Nokia will start shipping the Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6-01 is based on Symbian Anna.
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