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Microsoft set to introduce the Xbox 360 console Wireless Speed Wheel

know that the fourth installment of Forza Motorsport - Forza 4 - is already scheduled to hit the shelves sometime in October. Today, Microsoft is giving us even more purpose to be excited for that month of Halloween in the future.Inside a move that is curiously near to the launch date of Forza 4, Microsoft will also be presenting its new Wireless Speed Wheel for the Xbox 360 console. The new device works with to any or all racing games and not just Forza 4, however it does seem like Microsoft is pegging their new device to become purchased as some sort of ’package deal’ with the game.

Timely marketing
along with a stroke of genius, if you ask us.
According to
Microsoft, the Wireless Speed Wheel could be controlled intuitively with precise steering, standard controller buttons and triggers, and feedback vibration when things go awry out on the track.
In a
press release, Microsoft described the Wireless Speed Wheel like a new innovation that balances the realism of the wheel with the feel of a controller for greater user edge in action.

“With trigger buttons for gas and brake,
combined with a rumble feedback, the Xbox 360 console Wireless Speed Wheel provides intuitive standard controller buttons that immerse the motive force into the game, whether you love to white knuckle it on the race track together with your hands at “10 and 2” or “9 and 3.”
The new
device is expected to start shipping to retailers around the globe on September 26 at a cost of $59.99. Something informs us the sales of the new wireless controls will go hand-in-hand using the amount of sales for Forza 4.
source: topspeed.com
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