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How Apple's New Headquarters 'Spaceship'

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is always unpredictable. You can never expect what's going on Jobs mind. This can be realized by the upcoming shocking news by Jobs presenting a plan for creating a “spaceship headquarter”. This is undoubtedly among the best ever buildings on the planet.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock performance may have declined in previous days however the innovative capabilities of Jobs could never be halt. Steve Job’s the co founder and chief executive of The apple company, who's on medical leaves now a days had recently launched an interactive ITunes downloading website named as ICloud for I devices users.

On Tuesday following the worldwide developers’ conference, Jobs presented his company intends to the Cupertino city council about the four storey spaceship designed building to be the next apple’s headquarters.Based on Apple CEO, it is just like an area shuttle and made without needing just one straight glass. Jobs did not mention the architecture’s name but his dialogues portray that he could be using among the best architectures of their field. This building could be located at the hometown of Apple, i-e Cupertino California and it would support 12000 employees easily.

Mr. Jobs believed that Apple has developed like a weed. Jobs added that it is obvious that we need to construct a fresh campus. We're just out of room but hat doesn't signify that we do not need the one we have got, we do need it but we want one more one to enhance it.

Presenting his plans for that rounded structure with a large open-air courtyard in the centre, Steve Jobs announced that: It is slight like a spaceship landed.
The new structure would be constructed on the 150-acre site that Apple bought from computer maker HP previous this year.
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