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Google Arranging Apple iMessage and BlackBerry Messenger Rivals

Just days after Apple’s iMessage announcement,
we now have came across info that says Google could also be preparing their own rivals to the BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage. This potentially allows Android device proprietors to bypass SMS and MMS messaging on their mobiles and tablets via internet but with no charges.

details of the unnamed Google iMessage rival are sketchy. Android already includes stock Google Talk, letting cross-communication possible between Android handsets and tablets. Then there is Gmail within the browser and also the Google Talk app just for PC.

Google already provides
a variety of online communication possible. It, actually, is perfect for exactly the same reason why we are suspicious on what’s likely to come next. Can they be picking out something innovative or is it likely to be just upgrading? What is your opinion?

Well, if it’s to
kick off a chilly war with Apple, then Google would just need to add a group chat facility. However, the apt and also the most probable route seems to be to enhance Google Talk, in order that it supports advanced functionality just like iMessage does.There aren't many who believe that Google is going to be thinking about just renaming Google Talk to Google Messenger and Google Voice to Google Talk. Do you think that will happen? Let us know.
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