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Facebook is losing users

Report shows losses in key countries
such as the US and UK

May be UP for Facebook, that has seen its peak in user signups and is now losing people, based on a report by Inside Facebook.

now has 687.1 million users, up in the milestone half a billion it recorded in July of last year, however it appears like its phenomenal growth is finally beginning to slow, and in some regions the social notworking giant has actually lost users.

Inside Facebook Gold tracks
how many Facebook users appear in each country from month to month, also it learned that during May the US Facebook userbase dropped from 155.2 million to simply below 149.4 million.An autumn of 5.8 million users in the space of the month is significant, particularly in a vital country like the US, but Facebook managed to record overall growth around the world of 11.8 million.
The problem
for Facebook is this fact is lower growth compared to 13.9 million in April and also the roughly 20 million it gained for each month before that, suggesting a significant slowdown in user uptake around the world, which could be from the drop in users in countries such as the US.
The US
wasn't the only country to lose Facebook users. Canada dropped from 18.1 million users to 16.Two million, a drop of 1.52 million. Russia, Norway and also the United kingdom has also seen declines well over 100,000 users, suggesting that things may also be beginning to peak in Europe for Facebook.Regardless of the figures Inside Facebook found, that are depending on Facebook's own advertising tool, the company asserted it had been still growing in several of those regions.

Some reports
support Inside Facebook's findings, while others show high growth instead, however the consensus generally appears to be that Facebook is not doing quite as well this year when compared with 2010. ยต
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