Friday, June 10, 2011

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Aviva and ACM (BGL Group) choose Autoglass

Autoglass has announced they have reached agreement with two of the largest insurers in the UK. The brand new partnerships with Aviva and ACM (BGL Group) might find this company get to be the preferred supplier for vehicle glass repair or replacement.

AndrĂ© May, sales director at Autoglass, said: “We are increasingly
traversing to a greater focus from Insurers to provide their policy owners with the best claims process for his or her premium, to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and additional cross-selling opportunities.

“Autoglass has proven through previous partnerships that increasing
customer satisfaction, through positive experiences, leads to higher customer recruitment and retention rates for our insurance partners.

“Under these new arrangements, motorists with
car insurance policies, incorporating glass cover, will see their no claims bonuses unaffected and Autoglass will be able to repair or replace glass free of charge or for the excess charge set between your insurance company and their customer.”
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