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EU likely to Automotive Investments in Indonesia

Jakarta - The European Union likely to invest in the automotive sector. For large scaleASEAN automotive market. In 2010 the passenger vehicle market in ASEAN countriesreached 1.6 million units. As for commercial vehicles, the market reached 907,599 units

"The market share rose 32 percent over the previous year," said Trade Minister MariElka Pangestu said in Jakarta, Thursday, May 5, 2011.
Based on these data, certainly could be investment opportunities for Europeanautomotive companies in ASEAN. The proposal of cooperation in the automotive fieldfor the future is kind of environmentally friendly cars.

At the ASEAN-EU Business Summit that began in Jakarta today discussed trade cooperation ties the two regions. At this meeting will be discussed on 5 important things. Namely the infrastructure (including transport and logistics), food, health, automotive and services (including telecommunications and finance). According to Mari,five sectors were selected entrepreneurs. Therefore, the five sectors that held mungkncooperation or investment.

Minister of Industry, MS Hidayat said, currently, there are already companies in the automotive sector will asala European investment in Indonesia. Investment in the purchase of shares of other automakers that already exist in Indonesia. "I heard thatVolkswagen will buy shares of Mitsubishi (for passenger cars)," said Hidayat.
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