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Researchers Undip: There Element Nickel, Crop Circle Sleman Not Man-Made

A mysterious crop circle phenomenon now appears in Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java. Previously, in Sleman and Magelang, Central Java, came also the same phenomenon and findings have been published. Researchers University of Diponegoro (Undip) ensure that crop circles are not man-made.

Indeed, anyone making crop circles in the fields of Sleman and Magelang still remains a mystery and the pros and cons. LAPAN for example, from the beginning, already convinced that the crop circle was man-made. However, if it is indeed man-made, oddly enough until now crop circle makers who were not clear.
Well, unlike LAPAN, the researchers conclude in Undip phenomenon of mysterious crop circles or circles in Magelang and Sleman, Central Java, not manmade. The reason, no rice straw that broke because trampled. In fact, there are findings of nickel element in rice straw.
"If a human being trampled upon, there must be the shaft of the broken rice. What we found was not broken in the trunk," said Dr Muhammad Nur, who teaches plasma physics Dipenogoro University, while talking to AFP on Monday (5/16/2011 .)
Nur incorporated in crop circle research team established some time ago. The results then published in a book titled 'Reveals Mystery Crop Circle in Indonesia' in March 2011 then.
At that time, the team worked with researchers from the BLT Research Team, Cambridge, MA, USA and a professor from Michigan University issued a conclusion that the crop circle in Sleman and Magelang not made by man are mechanical.
"We also used scanning electron microscopy on the stump it. It turned out that hump on the circle layer was destroyed. Meanwhile, from just incredible. Out of the sample that mean that something devastating was not mechanical and not due to stepped on," he explained.
In addition, there are enough odd elements in paddy stalk. When viewed with a microscope, there are quite a lot of nickel content in it. In addition, the nitrogen content in rice also increased 4-fold.
"There is a nickel, about two percent. That's quite a lot on rice straw.'s Strange is why," said Nur.
Even so, Nur and the team did not want to conclude the UFO as a cause of these strange phenomena. For the team, what happens in Sleman and Magelang attend because of wind ions and plasma vortex.
"Allegations while the formation of CC caused by wind ions and plasma vortex. Conjecture was followed up with an in-depth study by a research team by utilizing advanced equipment and the current standard. The data and scientific facts revealed by the results of this study, that the event has occurred physics, chemistry , plasma chemistry, biology ended with changes in rice in the CC area, "he concluded.
For cases in Cikarang, Nur and several other team members are still waiting for samples from the Beta UFO community who have jumped into the location. He said he promised to publish results of research if the existing conclusions.
"If the fault only fast, but if through scanning, can be up to a week," he replied when asked when the study is completed.
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