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Foxconn Explosion Leaves Two Dead In China ‎

At week (22/05/2011) local time, iPad tablet computer assembly plant located in China exploded. Foxconn owned factory explosion resulted in killing two workers and about 16 other workers were injured.

Until now the investigation of the cause of the explosion was still unknow. so by the related officials are still investigating. Foxconn manufacturing facility that exploded in Hongguang Town, Pi Country, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Just like that have been reported by InformationWeek, Sunday (22/05/2011), the Foxconn already confirmed the explosion. They promised to take care of the injured workers and has contacted the families of each.

So it can possible, with the explosion incident could create supply iPad 2 hiccup. however Foxconn just said if production was delayed temporarily to allow authorities to hold an investigation. Because, based on the speaker's explanation of Foxconn, the sefety of workers is the highest priority and from the Foxconn will do all that is needed to determine the cause of these tragic incident.
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