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Ancelotti Say Farewell Greetings?

London - Chelsea manager indicated Gesture Carlo Ancelotti made he speculated had said goodbye to the supporters of the Blues. The Italian manager also provide clues about its future.
After an interminable game against Newcastle 2-2 (15/05/2011), Ancelotti and Chelsea players did a lap of honor in front of fans "The Blue" who meet at Stamford Bridge. This is a club tradition in each of their last home games.

In the event, Don Carlo seen waving his arms to the fans of West London team. "First, I want to thank supporters. Today they gave me fantastic support and on throughout the season, where the situation experienced this club not too good, fans always remain close to the team, the player," Ancelotti said on the club's official website.
"I do not know what happened later, we have to wait and after that I just can explain. It (the lap of honor) is a club tradition, and it is perfectly normal when I thank the fans, for the support I have received is fantastic."
Is that done by Ancelotti is goodbye to Chelsea? Of this, a former architect Parma, Juventus and AC Milan, said that the question of the future he handed over to the management of the Blues.
"We just have to wait for another week. That's not a long period and then see what happens. Anyone could argue about my position here, but who must make decisions about my job is the club," said Ancelotti response about it.
"If my work is considered good, I'll stay. If they judge my work is not good, then I must go. In my opinion, sometimes I do a good job and sometimes not," added the manager of 51 years.
Ancelotti joined Chelsea in 2009. By the West London team, he was contracted for three years.
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